How Does Radon Mitigation Work?

How Does Radon Mitigation Work?

So, your home has a high radon level. What happens now? The typical radon mitigation system installation in Albuquerque, New Mexico and surrounding areas begins with finding the best spot to place the mitigation system to achieve the greatest reduction in radon. Secondary to safety, the system is placed in a manner that is pleasing to the homeowner.

After digging down below floor level from the outside of the home, we core through the stem wall to create a suction pit where the gases can be pulled from. The electrical wiring is then connected to the area where the fan will be installed. The rest of the vent unit is put together with the outlet above the eave of the roof. The ground area is then filled in, the owner is informed of how to operate the system, and the installation is complete. After each mitigation, a post-radon test is available.

The installation process can vary depending on factors including the different types of foundations, radon levels, size of the structure, and type of dirt. The EPA recommends that every home be tested for radon every two years.

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