The National Radon Action Plan in NM

The National Radon Action Plan in NM

Radon levels in New Mexico are high and require testing

Since Albuquerque is located in a part of the country that has one of the highest radon levels, it is good to know that the government is heavily involved in a campaign to protect Americans from this deadly gas. The Environmental Protection Agency developed a plan:

The National Radon Action Plan (NRAP) 2021–2025 is the third installment of a strategy anchored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ramp up action on radon. The NRAP Leadership Council unites different perspectives on the challenge of finding and fixing preventable radon exposures…In 2021, the NRAP has set a goal for the nation to find, fix and prevent high indoor radon levels in 8 million buildings by 2025; to prevent an average of at least 3,500 lung cancer deaths per year; and to save one-quarter of a million lives in those buildings over during the next 74 years.

Several themes have emerged in discussions for the next version of the NRAP, including:

  • A commitment to changing building codes, as well as a focus on tenant resources and action.
  • Leveraging available sources of funding and recognizing opportunities to seek additional funding.
  • And finally, a commitment to address disparities in radon risk reduction.*

Whether you live or work at the base of the Sandias or in the valleys of surrounding areas, it is important to have your home and work areas tested for Radon.

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