3 Myths About Radon in New Mexico Homes

3 Myths About Radon in New Mexico Homes

Safe at Home in New Mexico knows that there is some confusion about radon testing. To help clear up any misinformation about the importance of radon testing and mitigation in Albuquerque and surrounding areas, here are some helpful tips:

Myth #1: Radon only enters the home if you have a basement. Not true! Since radon levels in New Mexico are among the highest in the nation, it is very important to understand that radon can enter any home, with or without a basement. The gas comes up through the soil and can enter homes, apartments and buildings of any kind, both with and without basements.

Myth #2: Radon in New Mexico is only found in the mountains. Wrong! High levels of radon are found all over the state, although the highest levels are in the large cities of Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Safe at Home has found radon all over New Mexico and beyond, including the cities of Roswell, Socorro and El Paso.

Myth #3: You cannot protect your home from radon. Not true. In fact, radon mitigation in New Mexico is a relatively simple fix that is cost-effective. Safe at Home offers mitigation services to all types of buildings throughout the state and in fact, is one of only two licensed radon mitigation providers in Albuquerque.

For more information on radon testing and mitigation please contact Safe at Home.

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